FujiNet was created to be a network adapter for the Atari 8-bit computer system but has become an all encompassing SIO peripheral emulator. Devices currently supported include disk drives (with support for booting disks stored on remote servers), printers (output downloaded from the device as PDF), modem (BBS access over telnet) and the all new network device (N:).

FujiNet XL Style

The N: device opens a whole new realm of possibilities for connecting your Atari 8 Bit computer to the modern internet. Imagine playing games, chatting over the internet or saving your documents to cloud. Now you can with FujiNet!

FujiNet 400/800 Style

The hardware is designed around the ESP32-WROVER module with an available 8MB PSRAM and 16MB of built in flash storage. A custom 3D printed SIO Plug connects directly to the Atari and the Receptacle allows for daisy chaining other peripherals on the SIO bus. The MicroSD socket can be used for storing disk images.

More information about the device is available in our Wiki

The firmware is open source licensed GPL3 and the hardware is certified open source hardware by OSHWA, licensed CERN OHL 2.0.

We welcome anyone to build their own device but for those unable to do so hardware is currently being built in small batches and sold by the following sites (more coming soon):